Herbs are plants usually found in tropical and semi tropical climate. Herbs are known for their medicinial quality. In countries like India and China, herbs are used to manufacture extremely effective medicines. These herbs are used as Home remedy for common ailments. for example: Turmeric is a natural antiseptic, ginger juice is used to cure common cold and cough etc. These herbs contain organic and inorganic compounds which can stimulate body organs. Herbal medicines or more specifically ayurvedic ...


Mere possession of sexual drive is no passport to bliss. One requires the right skills and the proper knowledge of the risks that today's lifestyle patterns can introduce. Sex is man's second strongest instinct, after that of survival.



What is Metabolism and Why is it Important?

A lot of people have no clue about metabolism - What is it? Why is it important? How can I increase it? Metabolism is a fairly complicated subject. This section tris to address a lot of these issues.  

What is Metabolism?