November 2011

20 Nov

Childhood Vaccination

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Today so many children dies because of certain diseases which can be cured if vaccination is given properly to them. These Vaccinations are available free in Govt. Health Centers. Cures various diseases like Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Hepatitis B and many more.


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Children are like plants. They need constant nourishing and nurturing. For a mother at home it is easy to look after her child's needs and supervise it's activities. But for working mothers, who may be away from home most of the day, being mum can be tough. So, here's how to built a healthy relationship with your child, even when you might be away from home. Fathers need to be involved in childcare more than just peripheral figures.


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A girl produces limited number of eggs (ovum) in a month and the process of producing eggs is also limited to a particular age. Throughout her reproductive years, a complex reaction of hormones prepares one or two eggs a month for possible fertilization. The ovaries usually alternate, each releasing an egg - called ovulation - every month. In response to hormonal workout, the uterine lining builds up in preparation for a fertilized egg. Around day 14 of an average ...