April 2012

DNA Sciences

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We find it mixed in our food on the shelves in the supermarket--genetically engineered soybeans and maize. We find it growing in a plot down the lane, test field release sites with genetically engineered rape seed, sugar beet, wheat, potato, strawberries and more. There has been no warning and no consultation. It is variously known as genetic engineering, genetic modification or genetic manipulation. All three terms mean the same thing, ......


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Indians are not very open to the idea of adoption. In foreign countries, there is the opposite problem where children are in short supply for adoption. While there are innumerable cases of Indian orphas being given a secure and loving home in another country, newspapers have reported a number of cases where the child has gone to an alien land only to be mistreated. Such children have been used as domestic servants, beggars and even for prostitution.

Birth Planning

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No one can predict exactly what your baby's birth will be like. You probably have some idea of what you hope will happen and may have talked to your doctor or midwife. But one of the best ways to learn about labor and birth-and let others know about your thoughts-is to write a birth plan. "A birth plan is a way for a patient to communicate to the healthcare provider what she envisions her birth experience will be like so she can have some input on the management ....


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The Salk vaccine (inactivated polio vaccine, IPV) was developed by Dr. Jonas Salk in 1955. It consists of injection of dead (inactivated) polio virus. The Sabin vaccine (oral polio vaccine, OPV) was developed more recently. It is the most commonly used polio vaccine today. This vaccine contains weakened, live virus. It is a liquid that is given by mouth. The trivalent form (TOPV) is effective against all known forms of polio; ....

MMR Immunization (Vaccine)

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The MMR vaccine is a "3-in-1" vaccine that protects against measles, mumps, and rubella. Although single antigen (individual) vaccines have been developed for each component of the MMR, they are not readily available and usually used only for very specific situations. An example of such a situation would be if an outbreak of either measles, mumps, or rubella was occurring in a specific community and public health officials deemed it necessary ....

DPT Immunization (Vaccine)

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DPT (DTP) vaccination is one of the recommended childhood immunizations and should begin during infancy. In most parts of the United States, DPT immunization is required before starting school. A minimum of 3 injections should be given, and 5 injections is strongly recommended. DPT (DTP) immunization is usually a series of injections given to children at ages 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 15 to 18 months. A booster is given before starting school (age 4 to 6).

Child Vaccination

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Today so many children dies because of certain diseases which can be cured if vaccination is given properly to them. These Vaccinations are available free in Govt. Health Centres. Cures various diseases like Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Hepatitis B and many more. Provided is some information on these vaccinations along with their alternative names, definition, vaccine information, immunization schedule, benefits, risks, when ....

Baby's Laundry

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Babies make lots of mess...the corner of your house is filled with dirty nappies / diapers and their stained clothes. How to remove this strain...what kind of detergent can be used on the baby's clothes? Baby's clothes are to be carefully washed. The most important aspect to keep in mind before washing them..."the detergent of course!".

Nutritious Diet

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You want to give your baby a nutritious diet so that he remains healthy. How do you ensure that he gets all of the essential vitamins and minerals, calcium and proteins? How can you provide your child with the balanced diet? What do you mean by Balanced Diet? A diet which is rich in all the nutrients for e.g. Vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins etc. is termed as a 'Balanced diet'. It is important that a child's diet should be both wealthy in quality and quantity.


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Baby soap Baby shampoo Baby oil Baby powder Baby cream Baby hair brush Baby nappies & diapers Baby cotton balls Some pediatrician recommend that you should shop carefully for all baby products. Purchase only those products, which contains natural ingredients. Artificial colors preservatives and fragrances can irritate the baby’s skin. So be sure to choose baby shampoo that will not irritate his eyes, and special baby soaps or a mild soap with lanolin or pure glycerin.