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Let`s find out some tips like peaceful sundays, childs play, smart art, vegetables, food games, little workers, rainy day fun, diversionary tactis
 Peaceful Sundays To avoid Sunday morning hassles - when you or your spouse want to spend some quiet time with the newspaper, while your youngster wants attention, remove the comics section from the paper, roll it and tie it. Present it to your child as his or her very own paper.
 Child's Play When the neighbourhood children come over to visit, one problem invariably occurs - they all want to play with the same toy. Buy a portable timer with a buzzer and explain that each child can play with the favoured toy for ten minutes before passing it to the next one in line when the buzzer sounds.
 Smart Art Save liquid shoe polish bottles with daubers. They make wonderful paint sets for small children. Fill each bottle with a different colour and use daubers instead of paint brushes.
 Eat Your Vegetables To make vegetables more tempting to a picky eater, serve finger-size pieces of fresh vegetables with a small cup of salad dressing 'dip'. The detestable vegetables are transformed into party food.
 Food Games In the car on the way to the store, you can control your restless one by making up a song about the foods you're going to buy, or play a guessing game involving some of the items on your shopping list - "I'm thinking of a vegetable that looks like little trees...", "I'm thinking of something that you put on toast and it rhymes with ham...".
 Little Workers When you need to wash the car and your kids want to participate, fill a small pail with soapy water and give them some old paint brushes so they can paint the car clean. Fun for kids.
 Rainy Day Fun Let your children invite one or two friends over for a "Rainy Day Picnic". Set up a picnic table using a blanket on the floor and paper goods. Serve popcorn, snacks and fruit juice. Tell stories and sing songs.
 Diversionary Tactics If you arrive home with cranky kids and several bags of groceries to be put away, try these tactics. Let the children participate in putting things away on the lower shelves. Then give them the paper bags to make into masks or paper boats. Supermarket treats don't have to be candy, gum or books.


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