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Bathing The New Born

Until you’ve done it once or twice, most parents are terrified at the thought of bathing a soapy, squirming infant. Also, for the first few times the baby may howl from start to finish. Soon enough, your baby will anticipate his bath with delighted squeals. There is no need to give your infant an everyday bath, a sponge bath may do. Now lets see how to give bath to your little one’s..

Take a small tub and run two inches of warm water in it. Test the warmth, it should not be hot that it affects the child’s skin. Never pour water into the tub when the baby is in. Once you have the water (at the right temperature) ready, undress the baby and gently place him into the bathtub. Always support his neck and back with one hand until he can sit up. With the other hand, using a soft washcloth and baby soap, wash the baby’s face, ears and neck, paying attention to his ever-multiplying chins. Then wash his upper body, legs, genitals and back. After he’s well rinsed, wrap him up and he is ready to be powdered and pampered.


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