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A miscarriage is the loss of foetus within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. In a number of cases the women concerned experience a late and heavy period without realising that they have been pregnant.

If a woman is aware she is pregnant, and experiences a possible miscarriage, she is likely to be extremely concerned and upset.

If at all possible, a female first aider should tend to the woman; if this is not possible, the male first aider should try to obtain female support to act as a chaperone and to reassure the casualty. 

You may notice

The woman complains of cramps in her lower abdomen,and within her pelvic area.

Spotting on the dress

Heavy vaginal bleeding, often occurring very suddenly and accompanied by severe cramps.

The woman passes large clots or other products of conception.


Lay the woman down in a semi-sitting position with her knees propped up.

Provide a sanitary pad, small towel or something similar.

Ensure that any expelled material is kept out of the woman’s sight. Keep it for inspection by the doctor .

Reassure the woman and keep her warm.

Call for an ambulance.


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