reiki healing


The first is an actual copy of Hawayo Takata's calligraphy and the other is the style commonly used by the Reiki Alliance (another international organization of (Reiki). Both are Japanese calligraphy for Reiki. 'Rei' is defined as Universal life giving and, like the rays of the sun, it gives life to living things. It is all-knowing; a spiritual consciousness. 'Ki' is defined as energy:this energy or life force flows through all things that are alive. 'Ki' is also known as Light, Prana, Chi, Cosmic Energy, or Universal Radiant Energy.


There are some very popular therapies used throughout the world to cure some diseases with the help of sacred jadi boti or some specific oils or by other natural methods. Here is given a brief introduction of those therapies to give you an idea about these therapies. Hope it will help you in increasing your knowledge in concern of these below specified therapies. 

Ayurveda :