Allergies are adverse reactions by the body to substances which comes in contact. These substances may be touched, swallowed, inhaled or injected. The allergy may exhibit itself in a number of way in some cases there may be more than one allergic response



There is little a first aider can do to alleviate an allergic reaction beyond providing simple relief.

When should you call a doctor
If the allergy is causing discomfort or distress and the casualty cannot achieve symptomatic relief.
If the casualty is not asthmatic and an asthma-like reaction occurs.
Symptoms last for more than 48 hours after the source of the allergy has been removed.
If in doubt, seek medical advice
If the allergic response is mild and does not require a medical opinion it may be worth seeking advice from vour local oharmacist


Anaphylactic Shock

This is an allergic reaction that has a body-wide response. It is a serious condition that can prove fatal. Some people know that thev are super-sensitive to certain things such as a particular drug, food or insect sting and may be carrying an antidote. Others will be unaware that they have developed this potentially life-threatening allergic response.

You may notice:

Widespread body rash.

Swelling, of the face and neck.


Profound anxiety.

A fast pulse.

Feeling oi a ’tight chest’.

Difficulty in breathing.

Collapse and unconsciousness.



Call for an ambulance. Help the casualty to rest in the most comfortable sitting position. If the casualty becomes unconscious, check whether Resuscitation should be given and treat as appropriate.


This is an uncomfortable reaction to pollen which causes a runny nose,
swollen, itchy eyes and other symptoms resembling a head cold.

Skin Rashes

Skin rashes can be extremely irritating and cause considerable discomfort.



Advise the casualty not to scratch the rash.
Apply a cold compress or calamine lotion.
If the distress caused by the rash is severe, or the rash persists for more than 24 hours, seels: medical advice.
If the rash is possibly due to prescribed medication, do not stop taking it without seeking medical advice.


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