Baby’s Cry

Why Do Babies Cry?

Are they crying out of hunger or is it a means of communication or is there any other reason for their crying?

Lets find it out... Generally, infants keep demanding a feed even though they are not hungry. Do they need a pacifier to satisfy themselves? A pacifier is a nipple with a very small hole that is attached to a plastic disk. The disk prevents the baby from accidentally swallowing the nipple. It is not very clear how exactly a pacifier stops a mildly irritated baby from bawling. Either the act of sucking is a comfort in itself or the pacifier just keeps the baby’s mouth occupied. But as every coin has two sides, similarly, some babies may be reluctant to use it. Some parents, noting the effectiveness of the pacifier in calming a fretful baby, have a tendency to use pacifiers for their convenience rather than the baby’s. The problem begins when this becomes a habit of the parents as well as their toddler. The child becomes habitual of sucking pacifier & may not be willing to give up his habit for a long time. While sucking, some babies refuse to take milk. This happens when nipples are too big. An infant may seem to gag and choke if the nipple is so long that it goes past the hard palate and touches the soft palate. Your baby may react by fighting. When put to the breast, he may turn his head, cry, and move his arms and legs. This can easily be corrected by holding the infant a little away from the breast. A similar effect is produced when a mother has too much milk and it flows too fast out of the breast due to a forceful ejection reflex. The milk fills the infant’s mouth too quickly, and chokes him. In this case, the mother should press out some milk before she feeds the infant. All these are Reasons why a baby may seem to refuse the breastfeed, and yet in most cases the mother has more than enough milk, and keeps wondering why the child is refusing feed. Baby’s also cries in their nappies. This is the way they inform their parents that their nappies are wet.


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