Aloe (Aloe vera)

The ingredients in aloe vera gel can relieve pain, reduce swelling, ease itching, and increase blood flow to injured skin to help the healing process. People use aloe vera gel to treat sunburn, poison ivy, and other rashes.


There are some very popular therapies used throughout the world to cure some diseases with the help of sacred jadi boti or some specific oils or by other natural methods. Here is given a brief introduction of those therapies to give you an idea about these therapies. Hope it will help you in increasing your knowledge in concern of these below specified therapies.

Brain Tumor

Primary brain tumor includes any tumor that originates in the brain. Tumors may be localized to a small area, invasive, benign, or malignant. tumors can directly destroy brain cells. They also can cause indirect damage to cells from inflammation.


Weakness is a very important symptom. The feeling of weakness may be subjective, Weakness may be generalized, or localized to a specific area, side of the body, limb, and so on.


Know about what is Common Causes of Headache? Tension headache is a common headache pattern that may or may not be associated with psychosocial stressors.


Fatigue is not the same as drowsiness, but the desire to sleep may accompany fatigue. Apathy is a feeling of indifference; this may accompany fatigue but may also exist independently.

Cold / Cough

Know more about common causes of cold and fever, which is one of the most common illness, read about self-treatment for cough and how to take prevention.

Myths & Facts

Many well-meaning parents rob their children of essential nutrients by taking it upon themselves to exclude milk. Poor diet leads to poor health, which can make asthma worse. The major triggers for asthma are infection, exercise, weather and temperature change. Food and drink, food additives and chemicals are low ranking triggers. The right diet for asthma is one that contains cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats.


Impotency is caused by Improper blood circulation or it could by merely psychological problem. Know more common cause of Impotency.


Many people have no clue about metabolism - What is it? Why is it important? How can I increase it? Metabolism is a complicated subject. Read our article to know about Metabolism.

Health & Fitness

Follow our health and fitness tips for better health, get health tips, weight loss tips, Body Building, Fat Fighting Tips.


If a pregnancy has been planned, and in some cases difficult to achieve, the decision to abort the baby is a devastating one for everybody involved (including parents and in-laws). There are many cases, however, where aborting is the best alternative that the parents can choose.

Birth Control

Know more about birth control methods and options, Types of birth control methods, Barrier birth control method, Natural birth control with our experts, read full article for details.

Parenting Tips

To avoid Sunday morning hassles - when you or your spouse want to spend some quiet time with the newspaper, while your youngster wants attention, remove the comics section from the paper, roll it and tie it. Present it to your child as his or her very own paper. When the neighbourhood children come over to visit, one problem invariably occurs - they all want to play with the same toy. Buy a portable timer with a buzzer and explain that each child can play with the ...

Pregnancy Calendar

Read our Article about Pregnancy, know more about baby growth and Changes in your body week by week.


Get online Parenting Tips with Free MediInfo on initiative to explore the facts and truths about parenting. Just having the kids is not the main part there are lots of responsibilities that are born too.


A girl produces limited number of eggs (ovum) in a month and the process of producing eggs is also limited to a particular age. Throughout her reproductive years, a complex reaction of hormones prepares one or two eggs a month for possible fertilization. The ovaries usually alternate, each releasing an egg - called ovulation - every month. In response to hormonal workout, the uterine lining builds up in preparation for a fertilized egg. Around day 14 of an average ...