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Home » If I have COVID-19 or long-COVID, is it more probable that I will get monkeypox or have severe symptoms?

If I have COVID-19 or long-COVID, is it more probable that I will get monkeypox or have severe symptoms?

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The answer to this question is something that health professionals are actively looking into. It is still uncertain if having COVID-19 or a post-COVID-19 condition (long-COVID) makes you more vulnerable to monkeypox. It is necessary to conduct more study on people who currently have monkeypox, COVID-19 infection, or a post-COVID-19 condition.

If you already have COVID-19, follow the advice of the WHO. Keep your distance from others to prevent the virus from spreading, and pay attention to your symptoms so you can get the help you need.

If you suspect you have a post-COVID issue, speak with a health expert to get the help you need.

What can I do to support my community’s overburdened sexual health care services?

You might support the health services in your community by taking actions to preserve your health, such practising safer sex. Utilizing relevant and accessible phone, video, or internet services for your issues or symptoms reduces the demand on in-person services. You may reduce the number of cases, terminate the outbreak, and ease the burden on healthcare systems by adopting measures against monkeypox.

Five action steps for Good Sexual Health

If you experience symptoms that might be monkeypox, it’s critical that you contact a healthcare provider for advice, testing, and care—regardless of how busy they are. Precautions should be taken to avoid infecting medical workers since monkeypox spreads through close contact.

Put on a mask, cover your skin with clothing, and call your doctor’s office before your visit to let them know you suspect monkeypox may be the cause of your symptoms.

Can children get monkey pox?

Can children get monkey pox?

A youngster might get monkeypox if they have close contact with someone who is showing symptoms. Data from previously afflicted nations shows that children are frequently more prone to severe disease than teenagers and adults. Monkeypox has affected a limited number of children in the most recent epidemic.

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