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A Weight Loss Strategy That Works

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If you are struggling to lose weight, this story is for you. Martha weighed 240 pounds in 2006. She had just been diagnosed with type two diabetes and had triglycerides of 500. Now, type two diabetes occurs when your body does not effectively use insulin. She imagined it as a sugar sludge coursing through her system to the accompaniment of jaws. Martha was given a prescription as well as a small brochure explaining her illness. As she went deeper into her prescription and the accompanying pamphlet, she discovered a dirty little secret. Having type two diabetes puts you at the same health risk as someone who has already had one heart attack. Unlike cancer or anything else, the goal of the entire treatment is to manage your diabetes rather than cure it.

As a result, your doctors were working extremely hard to avoid problems that may have negatively impacted your quality of life or even resulted in death. This was not going to work out for Martha. She was a driven businesswoman who couldn’t afford to ignore her diabetes. She enlisted the assistance of folks she knew at a nearby medical center who were a little bit more ambitious, and this is what she learnt on a three-year adventure. Martha discovered that, despite her 240-pound weight and type 2 diabetes, her body was ideal for the way she was feeding it, moving it, and exercising it.

She had to adjust the equation in some way if she desired a different body or a different dwelling as she was struggling to lose weight. Another thing she learnt was what kinds of foods she would consume or how many calories she would need to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of her life if she pictured her future healthy self and began living that life now. That was the only way she could achieve her objective. She needed to devise techniques she could stick to for two days, two weeks, two months, or two years. When you do this and live this way, strange things happen, almost magically. You wake up a year later, about halfway to your goal. Martha discovered that she needed to keep track of everything.

Struggling to lose weight?  A weight loss strategy that works by FreeMediInfo

So she utilized a wrist band to keep track of how much sleep she had and how much exercise she got along the way. This really helped her keep the game reasonable rather than emotional. Because she had a short attention span, she had to break things down into the little battles she could win every day. She had to go all the way down to the cellular level to figure it out. What would make her cells more content and healthy? She could tell if she was on the correct track every day, with every drop of glucose or blood she gave into her diabetes meter. Martha turned into her own science experiment and she learned a lot.

Her blood sugar was 20 points higher than the next day when she didn’t sleep, skipped time zones, or took a red eye, and she needed carbohydrates. She didn’t require food; all she required was a nap. Martha hails from a land where you can eat as much chicken as you want and endless spaghetti platters. It was a major gap for her when someone showed her a single portion of food. Martha needed to discover out how to do it properly. She started eating with smaller dishes, chopsticks, and a slower pace.

She promised herself she could eat whatever she wanted as long as she used a knife and fork to eat it. It enabled her to be more aware of what she was eating. Martha learnt to be in constant motion, looking for new ways to move and fidget. Fidgeting can burn up to 300 calories each day. She began counting her steps, purchased a standing workstation, and discovered that her daily one-hour walk was equally beneficial to her intellect as it was to her body. Finally, life is far too short to go without a slice of pizza. When she was first diagnosed, she prepared a list of all of her favorite foods. She used her glucose meter to create a personal glycaemic index of each one.

Martha then modified each food, adding a little fat and subtracting a little sugar until everything fit within her plan. She now sets aside time each day for a perfect scoop of premium ice cream. What she discovered is that if you give your body half a chance, it will recover. It’s an extraordinary adaptive machine that is capable of self-healing. She shed more than 110 pounds. Martha’s lipid profile is now excellent. For more than three years, she has maintained a healthy normal blood sugar level without the use of medicine. She is no longer diabetic type two.

So, if any of you are dealing with health concerns or life changes. If you are struggling to lose weight, FreeMediInfo encourages you to see your healthy future self and make the necessary changes and begin to live that life right now. Break your journey down into manageable battles. Devise techniques that will endure two days or two years. Most importantly, you must begin eating as if your life depends on it, because it does.

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