Heart Blockage

Taking care of your Heart Blockage

Ever since the discovery of medicine there have been  huge breakthroughs in the world of medicine . there had been continuous enhancement in different procedures or drugs regarding different organs.

Same goes with heart procedures , from keeping a balanced lifestyle to refining the medical procedures , everything is required when it comes to heart dieses specially when it comes to blockage .

Now let’s first understand what is heart  blockage.

The heart has arteries and veins which help in pumping blood through heart  . it’s a coronary artery disease where the artery narrows due to accumulation of plaque leading to disturbance in the normal flow of the blood in the heart . it is so severe that it blocks the blood flow to certain muscle needed for its normal functioning , especially at the times when more blood flow   is needed like when exercising .

When it comes to treating coronary heart blockage , coronary shockwave lithotripsy treatment has been the most contemporary technique .And as now this technique is available in India as well , it is easier to treat blockage patients here by breaking down the plaque and removing it .

The first successful lithotripsy  treatment in India was on a 67yr old patient of heart attack with severe heart blockage where the arteries were clocked 90%  which could not have been treated by the usual balloon angioplasty . To open this blockage balloon shockwave was introduced in the arteries . due to the advanced technique the blockage was treated with less amount of pressure .

Now, what is Shockwave Coronary Lithotripsy ?

With the help of this technique it is possible to treat the advanced cases of coronary artery disease.

Shockwave medical situated in America launched electro vascular lithotripsy technique which helps in removal of stubborn layer of calcium causing blockage by introducing sonic pressure waves  in the arteries . with the help of this technique removal of blockage in the heart has become easier than before . It is a minimally invasive technique which is helpful for the treatment of severe angioplasty patients.

With the help of this technique , the heart health has been increased then before . It is by far the most minimally invasive treatment which has been successful for treating the heart blockage



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