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Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

A relatively common complaint, Abdominal pain can be less serious if due to indigestion, wind, etc., but may be serious when caused, for example, by a perforation in part of the bowel or by appendicitis. As it is a area first aid for which it is very difficult to give precise Guidelines, common sense has to be used.


It is common with wind (causing distension of the bowel) or an obstruction in the bowel. It fluctuates in its severity and often causes periods of very severe pain.You may notice a Periods of severe pain mingled with intervals of less severe pain or discomfort. Nausea and possibly vomiting. Cold sweats. Doubling-up with pain.


  • Help the person to rest in the most comfortable position possible.
  • Place a hot water bottle with a cover or wrapped in a towel, or similar, on the casualty’s abdomen.
  • If the pain is severe, the casualty collapses or the pain does not become easier within half an hour, seek medical advice.

Intense Pain

Intense pain that starts suddenly, remains fairly constant and is made worse by movement should always be regarded as potentially serious. It will be accompanied a cold sweat, nausea and vomiting.


Help the person to rest in the most comfortable possible position. Place a covered hot water bottle on the casualty’s abdomen.Call for a doctor.


  • Indigestion can cause Considerable discomfort .. On occasions its onset is directly related to a recent meal, it however, it may occur some considerable time after a meal, when the casualty lies. Flat or awaiting a meal.You may notice
  • complaint of a ’burning’ sensation up through the chest into throat. A bilious taste in the mouth. Stomach feels uncomfortable and Pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen and chest.
  • Treatment

    Help the casualty to rest in a comfortable position. Assist the casualty to take an indigestion remedy, if normally used. If the discomfort has not eased after half an hour, seek medical advice.

    Dial for an ambulance

    • If the casualty complains of indigestion with the pain/discomfort being present in the chest, the possibility of a heart attack must always be considered.
    • If the chest pain/discomfort does not respond to the casualty’s normal indigestion remedy, or is present for more than 5 minutes, dial for an ambulance.


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