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Adhesion, which is normally the tendency of dissimilar of particles or the surfaces to cling to each another (while cohesion usually refers to the actual tendency of similar or identical particles/surfaces to cling to one another).

The forces which also cause adhesion and cohesion which can be divided into several types. The forces which are intermolecular are totally responsible for any action over its several functions of different kinds of stickers and sticky tape which fall down into some of its categories of chemical adhesion, or the dispersive adhesion, and diffusive adhesion. While in addition to some of the cumulative magnitudes of certain forces of intermolecular action, there are also specific ways of emergent zone in the mechanical effects.

Abnormal while This is some of the union relations between body surfaces action or on the other types of tissues. Adhesions do not actually in process to occur if tissues are good in a way to healthy and retain the certain intact epithelial over its coverings. The process of where it disconnects or it away where if the ‘non-stick’ on the surfaces, which are deficient or in a case, its diseased, over the underlying tissue will  actually, heal together. Adhesions are in a range in between the peritoneum and bowel are similar over the following on the actual abdominal surgery or some treatment. These are some of the major result of failure, which worsens of physiological elimination of fibrin or fibrinolysis on the following injury or the action in a process stage to the mesothelial cell monolayer, for a building of the peritoneum.

As a certain consecutive way of additional consequence, which in the case also raise and also it will increase the actual surface area are more often does the some of little to enhance the greater strength of the adhesion in this condition. This also follows from the place where it happened over the tension of crack failure, the actual stress at the interface is not actual uniformly way it gets in distributed, but rather concentrated at the area of failure or the condition is worsening at the place.

The stable joining parts of the body to each other, or the connection of union of 2 opposing tissue onthe surfaces, which might  be normal or abnormal over the process of Hematology See Platelet or the adhesion on the Surgery of Synechia, which is collagen and packed with rich in the fibrous band, and some of the scar, or stricture, that normally generate or forms in a surgical field, which are classical in the location of the peritoneal cavity while after the abdominal surgery or laparotomy or the action of adhesions which in more in the process are in major related to a focal, in the plasminogen or the activator in the corner or the edge of major in the mesothelial lining or to local inflammation or infection; or the some of its gentle manipulation of the organs and the case over the actual removal of blood minimizes adhesive band formation, which may be severe or the critical enough to cause intestinal obstruction; nothing effectively prevents adhesion


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