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Baby’s Cry

Baby’s Cry

Why is your baby crying?


Soft intermittent cry that gradually increases in intensity . but crying is a late sign of hunger before that your child will show other signs as well like sucking on their hands or tilting towards  breast , sucking their lips or stretching .


A loud sudden cry. A cry that comes suddenly and is intensified is probably caused due to pain . try to identify the cause of the pain . mostly changing the position the baby is in helps . check for any kind of discomfort the baby might be having either with the clothes or any hair


tired cries often sounds as if the baby is cranky and complaining at first and later builds its intensity. When u notice you can see the baby giving out signs like rubbing the eyes.


You will know the baby is crying out of illness if  there is any rashes or fever or any other visible sign of illness . the cry and be sudden and severe because the baby is in pain.

Dirty Diaper

most infants have no problem in lying around in wet or dirty diapers . if the baby minds he might start complaining by mildly or sharply screaming . It can also be because of any kind of skin irritation.


if the baby struggles and grunts while pulling his legs up to his chest and cries with different intensity , it may be constipation.


In teething the crying varies in intensity as mild discomfort will have softer cry while pain can cause loud screaming cry . the kid will usually chew on things , drool , wave hands a lot and will tug on ears which can be due to earache.

Feeling Cold

Babies tend to cry more in cold than in warm .  for this you can just give the baby a warm bath and snuggle them in more warmer clothes after changing the cold diaper


severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies.

It usually occurs when the baby is lactose intolerance or any kind of food the baby might be allergic to . it can also occur if the mother consumes a food the baby can be allergic to while breastfeeding.

How to identify colic?

According to experts it is defined in three i.e. three of more jours of crying for atleast three days a week for atleast 3 weeks running when feel like the crying never stops.

This occurs only in 20% of babies

You may notice the symptoms are higher at noon or evening with puffy belly and the baby farts a lot with a lot of crying

The problem usually goes by between 3-5 months

Cry for mother'S attention

Sometime baby might just be crying for mother'S attention or looking for mother if they are he is with someone else or someone other than his mother is holding him . you will know because they will stop crying once his mother takes him back in her arms.


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