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Body Building

Body Building

Muscular Strength

IT is defined as the maximum force that can be exerted by a muscle or muscle group. This is the type of strength Olympic weight lifters display when they lift during competition.

Muscular Endurance

IT is the capacity of a muscle to repeatedly exert force or to maintain a fixed contraction for a period of time. Anytime you are lifting the same item over and over again, you are displaying muscular endurance.

Muscle Tone

IT refers to the firmness of your muscles. Both endurance and strength exercises will improve muscle tone. There are many different methods available to improve muscular strength, endurance and tone.

Below is a list of muscle strengthening methods, choose whatever fits your needs and lifestyle the best.

  • Weight machines
  • Free weights/Hand weights
  • Tubing/Bands
  • Calisthenics (such as push-ups,tricep dips, abdominal crunches, etc...)

Once you’ve got your method of training determined, you should then determine your current fitness level. The fitness level you choose will determine the frequency of the training (number of times per week), as well as the recommended number of repetitions and sets.

In general, people who want to build muscle will want to strive for fitness level 3. While those who want to firm up/tone should stick with fitness levels 1 or 2. After you select a level, you will notice that within each is a strength component, an aerobic component and a flexibility component. In order to see results, you must do some type of aerobic activity to decrease body fat and you should also stretch the muscles before and after strength training (not only will this decrease your chance of injuring the muscle, but it will help the more serious body builder lift more weight!).

Fitness Level 1

You never/rarely resistance train

Fitness Level 2

You perform at least 1 set of 15-20 reps on 8-10 of the major muscle groups, 2-3 times per week.

Fitness Level 3

You perform at least 2 sets of 8-12 reps on 8-10 of the major muscle groups, 3-4 times per week.

There are many benefits to strength training, some of the major benefits include: · Reshaping your body · Increasing your metabolism · Strengthening your bones · Improving posture .No matter what your fitness level is or what your goals are, you will look and feel better when you regularly participate in an exercise program. To be successful, you must incorporate it into your lifestyle (just like eating and sleeping). To see specific training programs, select a fitness level from the three listed above.[ Remember to consult a physician prior to beginning a new exercise program!].

A Special Note to Women

Body Building for Muscular StrengtI have found that many women are afraid to lift weights because they don’t want large muscles.Your genetic makeup determines what types of muscle fibers you have,how they are distributed, the ratio of estrogen to testosterone and how body fat is stored. It also determines body type. There is only 1 body type that has a tendency to "build" muscle: the Mesomorph (Mesomorphs tend to be more muscular). The other two body types: Endomorph (more rounded,hour glass figures) and Ectomorph (slim and linear in shape) will not get "bigger" muscles from weight lifting because their bodies respond to weight training differently than Mesomorphs. In fact, an Ectomorph and a Mesomorph can be on the exact same training regimen and the Mesomorph’s muscles will increase in size while the Ectomorph will just get stronger (not bigger). It may be hard to determine what body type you have, many people are a combination of more than one type! If you notice that you are building muscle in addition to toning and this is NOT the look you desire, then decrease the amount of weight you are using and increase the number of repetitions (go for endurance rather than strength). You should still see your desired results (more muscle tone) without the increase in muscles size. h, Tone and Endurance


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