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Changing your daily habits to Combat corona

Changing your daily habits to Combat corona

In the times of Infection what should be your focus

you will be told numerous amount of things to be careful of for the virus but let's see how important it is to be disciplined about your daily schedule and eating habits for the protection of your health and well as of people around you.

It is good to know that the vaccine will now be available for anyone above 18 years of age. So it is very highly requested to everyone to get the shot while taking basic precautions as well on the side to combat this virus. taking care of each other is as important as it is to take care of yourself.And for that you need to take precautions yourself so you don't continue the chain of the lime y help each other in breaking it.
If we focus on the cases then only people who are taking precautions and taking care of themselves are more on safer side.

Now let's come on to the habits that you should start incorporating in your daily life.

First of all, don't be careless and always be careful as Precaution is always better then cure.

follow the basic protocols given by the government and doctors like wearing the mask and keeping distance from anyone.

Do not go on public places as places with a lot of crowd unless it is very highly needed.

If you come under the class of people eligible for the vaccine.Do not step back from it.And even after you have been given both the doses of vaccine still fallove rthe basic protocols like applying mask and using hand sanitiser.

Eat nutrient rich food which helps in keeping up with the basic nutrient in your system like vitC, B and D and minerals like Zinc, Iron and Magnesium.

Drink warm water after waking up and thefore going to sleep.

Exercise inside the house.

drink green tea On kadha atleast 2x a day.

Lastly, do not hide or get scared if you comes out positive . thave a calm attitude and deal with in carefully as instructed by the doctors.


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