Dear Parents

Why don't you let your kids be themselves ? why do you want to fit then in the box you made by the influence of the Society? why even when it is suffocating to be stuck in the box and it is becoming harder & harder to breath? why is it so hard for you to even just try to understand the reason behind their behaviour ? How can you blame them for their mental health issues although they are growing up watching how you behave ? They say another can understand a child's heart more than anyone in this Universe...Then how can she not understand the sufferings that Are deep within just because the symptomS are not visible physically? how can you not understand that the child you think has grown up is still a little kid traumatised of past experiences . That grown up is as weak as the kid you slapped when they were making mistakes while learning. That maybe all they needed was your support . For you to just Stand behind them and have their back . To let then knOw that they can be themselves and you will still love them irrespective of what others want. That it is okay if they are oridinary or broken and you still think they are amazing because they are learning and understanding. why did You not let them make mistakes and then teach them how to improve. why dint you just stop yourself from taking out your baggage of emotional trauma from the past & pass it on to your child. Why don't you just try LISTENING for once.



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