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Dope test

Dope test

Doping is the action in which the athletes use or take illegal substances which for to improve their overall performances in their regular activity in their event. These involve totally five classes of banned drugs in the country, the most common of them are stimulants and hormones. There have so many types of health risks involved in taking these types of supplements, for the reason they are banned by sports' governing bodies respectively.

Which is by according to the UK Anti-Doping Agency, the substances and methods are banned when they meet at least two of the three following criteria: they usually enhance the performance, pose a worsen the condition of athlete health, or violate the spirit of the event generally.

What drugs are people using?

The most commonly used supplements are androgenic agents such as anabolic steroids. These supplements allow the athletes to train much harder it gives the capacity of energy and also helps to recover more quickly and build more muscle, but it can cause kidney major damage and also increase its aggression and also affect other parts. And other possible side-effects involve baldness and low count over the sperm for men, and also increased facial hair and also deepened voices for women.

Then there involve the stimulants, which make the athletes much active and more alert and can overcome the effects of fatigue by raising the heart rate and blood flow in the body. But it also causes severe damage as well they are addictive and, in extreme cases, can lead to heart failure of the person.

How is doping detected?

Most of the testing for doping in which the products use a long-established technique is called mass spectrometry. This involves some steps are of firing a beam of electrons that were present on the urine samples to ionize them which turns the atoms of the substances into charged particles by adding or removing the electrons.

While each substance or the test of the sample contains a unique "fingerprint" in it and as the researcher and the scientists already know the weight of many steroids, for example, they are able to rapidly detect by doping methods.

While there are some by-products of the substances of doping that are so small, they can't produce a strong enough of having the right signal for detection. Also, where the blood testing is also much capable of detecting EPO and synthetic oxygen carriers, but not blood transfusions.

Some experts over the study or scientists have raised up with the questioned the passport's efficiency, especially when the complicating all the potential of factors such as training at altitude are factored in, however but also its sensitivity to micro-dosing, a little-but-often approach to doping.


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