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Eating disorder Pica Type

Eating disorder Pica Type

The condition of pica is a most commonly occurred disorder normally with the baby’s, which is compulsive eating disorder is the condition where the affected people will eat non-food things or stuff.

Which it may be in general like dirt, clay, colours, chalk, and flaking paint which are the most common items which are been eaten. In which the substances are fewer less common things of essential like which include glue, hair, paint, cigarette ashes sometimes, and also the feces. These types of disorders are much common and regular in the age group from 1 to 6 in which children are more affected, which the level affecting from 10% to 30% of young children.

This condition is similarly also known to occur in children and then the adults with the intellectual and the skills over the developmental disabilities. Most in case sometimes, a pregnant lady or the women who crave strange, like as non-food items and the things. For these types of women, the condition of pica can easily cause, which more often involves dirty eating or junk sometimes and it also may be related to substances like iron and zinc deficiency or lack of substance in the body.

Complications, Type, Symptoms & Treatment

A proper review of the affected a person with pica’s, eating habits can also help in the process of eliminating with the method of diagnosing Pica. The doctor is similar in case rules and attention’s out other types of disorders which is like developmental and its disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is due to waste or nonfoods consuming things which are non-nutritional substances that harm the body. At the most minimum or the earlier of one-month of diagnosis on the condition of Pica, than with consumption of these substances must be made to diagnose this disorder of Pica.

Complications Associated with Pica

 Some types of unfood or the substances like chalk, paint chips, and flakes which may contain many toxic substances like lead, and it can cause lead poisoning over the body as well.

 The consumption of healthy foods are also affected due to large case of interest in non-food substance consumption; this can further cause a lack of nutritional deficiencies as well which is severe.

 The level of constipation or blockage of these substances in the intestines which is major caused due to the habits of eating substances that cannot be digested by the body.


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