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Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

Pregnancy first begins with the stage of a fertilized egg. In this condition, normally the fertilized egg gets attached to the inner lining of the uterus. While ectopic pregnancy usually occurs at the stage when a fertilized egg gets implants and grows outside the layer of the main cavity of the uterus.

This condition of ectopic pregnancy is most possibly occurring on a fallopian tube, which is the storage or it carries the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus aside. While this kind of ectopic pregnancy is known as tubal pregnancy. In some cases, this condition of ectopic pregnancy can sometimes occur in other areas as well in the body, such as most cases it occurs on the ovary, abdominal cavity, or the lower part of the uterus, basically which connects to the vagina.

The pregnancy of ectopic pregnancy can't proceed further in the state normally. The condition where the fertilized egg can't able to survive in the region outside, and the growing tissue also led to cause severe and life-threatening bleeding to the person, while in case if left untreated.

Symptoms and Signs of Ectopic Pregnancy

The symptoms of this condition are rarely visible or you do not notice any types of possible related symptoms of the disorder at the first. In general, the women who have ectopic pregnancy normally have the usual early signs or symptoms of pregnancy can be of missed periods, nausea, and breast tenderness.

Basically, if you had taken a pregnancy test, the result may be the result you positive. Still, with a condition of ectopic pregnancy can't continue as normally it does.

Which is the state the fertilized egg grows in a place that is improper, signs and symptoms become more noticeable and viewed.

Early signs of an ectopic pregnancy include:

  • Light vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain
  • Upset stomach and vomiting
  • Sharp abdominal cramps
  • Pain on one side of your body
  • Dizziness or weakness
  • Pain in your shoulder, neck, or rectum

The condition of ectopic pregnancy can be harmful to you in major cases it can damage or worsen your fallopian tube to burst or rupture. Emergency symptoms include major pain, with or without severe bleeding. If are you facing major risk with the following symptoms then you must immediately contact your doctor to get in treated.

Causes of Ectopic pregnancy

A tubal pregnancy is the most common type of ectopic pregnancy which normally occurs when a fertilized egg gets in another place or it is stuck on its way to the uterus, which is much often because the fallopian tube is may be worsened or damaged by the inflammation or is misshapen activity. The conditions like hormonal imbalances or abnormal development of the fertilized egg can also result to have major problems or it might play a role.


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