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Egg Freezing for a Future Pregnancy

Egg Freezing for a Future Pregnancy

As eggs can be stored, while women can try to have their own eggs frozen and stored, or can have eggs frozen and stored donors, this is done because as if there have any medical issue that prevents them from using their own. This method is often using the technique for working women, especially those who aren't ready for motherhood. For to resolve those problems the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the organization for fertility doctors, hasn't yet endorsed the procedure solely for this purpose.

As in general, some women plan to do this procedure to have their eggs frozen because of some medical issues, such as undergoing treatment for cancer, that may affect their fertility.

When should women freeze their eggs?

Over the past few years, there has been reported so many cases, as there has been seen an unprecedented surge in the number of women opting for egg freezing procedures. As by the recent study over the concept, nowadays many women decide to freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons as well. Which was found about 20 percent of the women in this research had some the health issues such as endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, and the perception of being at risk for premature menopause or serious illness affecting their decision.

Who should consider it?

Women who must choose to consider this fertility option are:

  • Women who are diagnosed with cancer treatments.
  • Women who need or want to delay pregnancy in order for their personal purposes.
  • Women with reservations against storing frozen embryos for religious and/or moral reasons.

How are the eggs frozen?

This process takes not much time where the procedure involves 3 stages retrieving the eggs, freezing them and later using them whenever required. The procedure where the first stage is much the same as the IVF cycle. Once the process started, then the patient is daily injected with hormones on the fertility specialist's instruction. During this process, the patient must need to visit the fertility clinic much importantly for about two weeks as your doctor will update your visiting requirement which is for monitoring and to determine when the eggs are ready for retrieval. Once the process is completed when the eggs are retrieved and checked in the embryology lab, in this procedure the selection of the egg is done based on the best quality ones for frozen in cryopreservation tanks. The best 1-3 embryos are chosen for transfer back into the uterus.

Advantages of Freezing Your Eggs

As it contains many advantages, if the one has medical issues, then the woman trying it can be the best option to choose, the freezing to work. As it can be stored for how many years much successfully preserve your eggs by having them frozen. As one of the advanced studies proved that frozen eggs are still good even after 10 years. Also, the research showed that frozen eggs work as well as fresh eggs for IVF.

The best use of having an IVF is for women who have a condition who have future problems with egg production. The most common condition in this was cancer.

How long can the eggs remain frozen?

Normally, the eggs are must be stored and frozen under the temperature of 196 degrees Celsius. The studies were proven after having so much research that sperms are also normally stored for a maximum of 10 years even more in the sperm bank and as the same, the eggs too can be stored for a similar period without any decrease or lower in the quality.


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