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Factitious disorder by proxy

Factitious disorder by proxy

Factitious disorder is a critical and severe mental disorder in a condition which someone has deceives others by appearing a hardness over sick, in general by getting sick or by having self-injury. The condition of factitious disorder also can occur in most cases, when family members, such as children, as being ill, injured or impaired.

Factitious disorder signs and the symptoms which the condition can level range from mild which the symptoms are a slight exaggeration of the critical case which was previously called Munchausen syndrome. The affected person may mark up some kind of symptoms or in condition when sometimes even tamper with several types of medical tests over its function to get in convince over the others that treatment, such as high level of risk surgery, which is most needed.

Moreover, the factitious disorder is not the same as the level of inventing such a medical issue and its problems for the best practice over the practical benefit. Although in conditions where the people with factitious disorder are also known when they are affected by their symptoms or in condition with the illnesses, in several conditions where they may not understand the right reasons for their actual behaviours over the disorder or in the condition in major to recognize themselves as having a problem as huge impact.

Factitious the disorder is much more challenging to get in predicted or to identify the condition over the treatment as hard as to how to treat. However, in the major cases where the medical and psychiatric also can possibly help, which is a critical way for preventing an any types of hard and serious injury and in the situation can also even lead to death is caused by the self-harm critical condition of this disorder.

Symptoms and the Signs

Factitious disorder symptoms and the signs are which involve mimicking or producing hard conditions over the illness or injury or exaggerating symptoms or impairment to the other parts of the body as well. They also far continue with the deception, even by not receiving any kinds of visible benefit or reward or when faced that doesn't support their claims.

Factitious disorder signs and symptoms may also include:

  • Extensive knowledge of medical terms and diseases
  • Vague or inconsistent symptoms
  • Conditions that get worse for no apparent reason
  • Conditions that don't respond as expected to standard therapies
  • Seeking treatment from many different doctors or hospitals, which may include using a fake name


The actual cause of the factitious disorder is still unknown, where the researcher and the doctors still can’t predict the situation. However, the disorder of this condition is major also be caused by a combination of psychological factors and also leads to stressful life experiences as well.


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