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Fainting is much normal disorder while the condition usually happens, it was caused by your brain when at the moment it temporarily fails or doesn't receive enough level of blood supply to the brain, which results you losing your consciousness which is fainting. This actual loss of consciousness is usually a much not severe condition.

While as a result, the condition over fainting may not have any proper medical significance as of now. Or the situation, in general, can cause to be a serious disorder, much often by involving the heart along as well. Therefore, in this condition, the right treatment over the loss of consciousness if as a medical emergency, is ok while in the case until the actual symptoms of the causes are relieved or detected, and the cause of faint is known. It's normal when people faint for once but if not ok with the condition or some signs that can track by you then it's important to take a suggestion from your healthcare or talk to your doctor if you have faint more than once then.

Causes of fainting

Fainting can be triggered by a several number of factors, which include:

  • fear or other emotional trauma
  • severe pain
  • a sudden drop in blood pressure
  • low blood sugar due to diabetes
  • hyperventilation
  • dehydration
  • standing in one position for too long
  • standing up too quickly

Types of fainting

There are several types of fainting. Three common types include:

  • Vasovagal syncope. Vasovagal syncope in general the condition which involves the nerve vagus. In most case it was triggered by emotional trauma, stress, or standing for over a longer period of time.
  • Carotid sinus syncope. This condition usually happens when the carotid artery which from the neck is constricted its level, usually after turning your position of the head to one.
  • Situational syncope. This type of condition in general usually occurs because of straining while coughing, urinating, moving your bowels, or having some problems of gastrointestinal.

How to prevent fainting

If you the person feeling like tired or weak or slower down your level of activity, be in normal to sharp up your condition as earlier and perform accordingly to stop fainting, if you practiced this faint several many times then try to learn what actually causes you to get in faint so you can avoid those problems and their triggers.

In general, from your position always get up slowly or in the process of lying-down position as well. If you feel low or tend to feel faint at the sight of blood or when getting your blood drawn or in the condition of several other medical procedures you have, inform your healthcare, and tell your doctor. In meanwhile they can take certain tests and predict the disorder, in general, to get in precautions which are to prevent you from fainting.


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