Fever is a raise in temperature beyond the normal body level of 98.4oF most commonly, it is caused by an infection such as chicken pox, measles, flu, etc. it can also be due to overheating through sunstroke.


  • A raised temperature.
  • The child complains of feeling hot/or cold.
  • Flushed skin that is hot to touch.
  • Sweating or dry skin.
  • General aches and pains.
  • Signs of illness e.g. rash.

When to Call a Doctor

  • The child’s temperature is (100.4oF) and the child is unwell.
  • The child’s temperature is 39oC(102.2oF), whether or not unwell.


  • Encourage the child to rest.
  • Cool the child by removing excess clothing and bedding.
  • Encourage the child to drink non-fuzzy fluids, e.g. fresh fruit juice, water, unless the fever is associated with abdominal pains ( he/she may need an operation).


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