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Galactosemia is a condition in which the most case, the disorder can be inherited where it prevents an affected person with the disease from getting in processing with the sugar galactose level, in similar where it was found in many foods as usual. Galactose the disorder also exists as the side of another type of which like sugar, lactose, found in all the dairy-related products.

In general, the condition when worsen, when a person consumes any food or the product which contains the substance lactose, initially, the body will break down the lactose into the substances called galactose and glucose. Moreover, the disorder also means heavy load or so much galactose is in the case, builds up in the blood, which in condition disturbs other organs in function.

This collection of over accumulation of galactose can occurred a critical level of complications and challenges to the person like as an enlarged liver, the failure over the kidney, cataracts in the eyes or the brain damage the most and many other involves in similar. If this condition of galactosemia was not treated at the time, it leads to the most severe condition of the patients, whereas many as 75% of infants with the disorder of galactosemia normally dies with the disease.

Reduction to the level of galactitol

In people affected with the disorder galactosaemic, in them the level of accumulation or gathering of the substance galactose which has become the substrate for the enzymes acting around it that also has the capacity to catalyze the polyol pathway of the condition. The reaction of these substances over the serious conditions which is of this pathway is the reduction or the elimination of the substance aldoses, which the types of sugars including galactose, sugar and the alcohols. Therefore, the condition over the factor, aldose get reductases in order to reduce galactose level in the body to its sugar in alcohol form, galactitol. Galactitol is also not suitable for the substrate to get eliminate for the next substance of enzyme in the polyol pathway.

Symptoms of the galactosemia

If your new-born or infant has disorder of galactosemia, which the condition normally appears at birth time. The regular symptoms for the disease and the signs start to show up within a few days and the weeks after the condition when they first start to begin with the drink breast milk or in general formula with the substance of lactose in which is the milk sugar that generates or it contains galactose.

In the beginning, your baby first loses their action of appetite and starts vomiting in general. Then the baby will get affected with jaundice, which is a yellowing of the skin and is similar in eyes of their skins. Diarrhea is also the most common condition over the disease which comes along, too. The disease also in the major cases leads to a severe loss of weight and your babyalso struggles to grow up and the situation thrives.


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