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Gallbladder inflammation

Gallbladder inflammation

Cholecystitis is normally a condition that is an inflammation disorder of the gallbladder. In general, your gallbladder size is small, which is a pear-shaped organ located on the right-hand side of your abdomen, which is beneath your liver. The organ of the gallbladder also holds a fluid of digestive which normally gets in released into your small intestine directly.

In many cases, the blocking of gallstones on the tube causes major problems in major it leading out of your gallbladder to occur cholecystitis. This also results in bile in the small intestine which is a build-up that can cause the condition of gallbladder inflammation. While in major other causes of cholecystitis are also include a problem of the bile duct, tumors, a serious illness, and also other certain types of infections.

If the condition in which it left not treated, the cholecystitis which can also lead to a critical situation, in major cases sometimes it also leads to life-threatening complications as well, like a gallbladder rupture. Treatment where if the situation goes harder or severe with the cholecystitis often it involves the removal of gallbladder.

What are gallstones and how do they block the flow of bile?

Gallstones are most common which are hardened deposits or the accumulation of the digestive fluids which was generated by the gallbladder, and it also can range its size from a level from a tiny grain of mustard to a watermelon. Which are made up of substances of either cholesterol or pigment of stones. In general, the gallstones are also made of substances of cholesterol which are yellow-greenish in colour, and the condition is much common. The pigment stones are made of bilirubin, which is the substance that is build up when the liver makes to breaks down the red blood cells in the body.

Symptoms and Signs

The pain of the gallbladder which is first presents in the condition of spasmodic critical pains in the location of abdomen but in general over the time will also change to a pace steady, critical pain that gets in resting, by changing the position, or by using other steps which do not resolve the solution. The severe pain which also occurs in the right-hand side of your shoulder or on the upper-right part of the backside.

The pain may go hard and serious which will intensify leads to overtime, especially in the condition when taking a deep breath or with any type of movement or action.

Causes of Cholecystitis

The cholecystitis usually occurs in a situation when your condition of gallbladder gets inflamed. Gallbladder inflammation can also be caused by:

  • Tumor. A tumor that may also prevent bile from drain out of your gallbladder properly, which cause a bile build-up that can lead to cholecystitis.
  • Bile duct blockage. Kinking of the bile ducts can also cause blockages that lead to a case of cholecystitis.
  • Infection. AIDS and other certain viral infections over the situation which can trigger your gallbladder inflammation.


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