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A goiter is a condition that normally abnormalities the functioning of the irregular growth of the thyroid gland. Basically, the thyroid gland is located at just the base of the neck which is butterfly-shaped also just below Adam's apple.

The condition of goiter may be overall growth of the thyroid, and also maybe the state where the presence or activation of irregular cell growth that forms one or more which creates lumps in the gland of the thyroid. Also, the goiter was associated and which creates any different changes in the functioning of thyroid or maybe have some increase or decrease in the thyroid hormones.

The goiters and the condition which is normally occurred where its major common cause was the reason of was lack of presence of iodine amount in the regular diet. One should ensure the quality of food and the amount of iodine which they intaking regularly also many developed countries are using an iodized salt, goiters which are caused also affect the gland and also it changes the function of the thyroid that affect thyroid growth.

There are variously advanced came to treat the condition where it depends on the cause of the goiter majorly, signs and symptoms, and its risk and complications factor which is resulting from the goiter. Usually, the effect of a small number of goiters which can be treated by itself it doesn't require any treatment also it doesn’t cause any problems

Symptoms and Cause

What causes goiter?

The condition of goiters has majorly the different causes which usually depends on their type which it depends.

• Simple goiters first develop when enough hormones were not generated by the thyroid gland to meet the body's actual processing needs.

• Endemic goiters were normally occurring in people much rarely as it occurs to people in certain parts of the world who do not get enough iodine in their diet. Because iodine is added to table salt in many developed countries at major.

• Sporadicgoiters usually generate in most cases, where its presence has normally no known cause. The drug lithium, which is used to treat certain mental health conditions, as well as other medical conditions, can cause this type of goiter.


The condition and its type of goiter usually depend and also how it is treated and its signs over the condition matter. There are several main types of goiters :

• Multinodular goiter: In this common condition, multiple nodules develop in the thyroid.

Diffuse smooth goiter: This occurs when the entire thyroid swells. These goiters are associated with overactive and underactive thyroid glands.

• Retrosternal goiter: This type of goiter can grow behind the breastbone which is a risk factor

Diffuse smooth goiter: and majorly the surgery is required to treat the condition in this.


There are so many types of treatments are available whereas which basically depends on the condition and its causes how it occurs and simple goiters can be preventable which is occurred due to adequate intake of iodine, which is added to table salt in their regular routine. Also, one must consider before and purchase after viewing the salt and also its supplements with iodized also the range of iodine supplements are available in stores.

If the condition of the goiter is mild and thyroid function is normal, people do not typically need treatment.


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