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Hammertoes is the disorder related to the abnormal toe, which is also named reason where the toe resembles a hammer when the joint over the condition is get in stuck in an upward position of the area.

This condition over the deformity can also cause severe pain over the area and also in major difficulty in doing major activities like walking, and corn or callus also may appear on the topmost position of the joint. Where the condition over the joint is getting to a rigid condition, or the severe pain at the top position of the bent toe, and the swelling over the region are some of the symptoms and the signs of the condition of hammertoes. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms regarding a condition, the first step is to visit your healthcare provider as well or a podiatrist as soon as possible to get treated.

What are hammertoes? What do they look and feel like?

Hammertoe is a condition over the toe where it was continuous progressive signs and the symptoms over the condition and also in the joint which also changes were it in the most case involve one or more of your toes as well. A hammertoe is a joint in location on your toe that normally points up over the place instead of lying flat.

This condition of deformity usually happens, which is because of muscles in your foot or on the part of the leg which get weak over the region and also the tendons to your toe which also pull abnormally over the condition. You might also find that you also have a corn or callus on the topmost of your deformed toe as well, which it may generate severe pain over the region. However, the situation where you may be unable to move the affected toe as well due to abnormality situation of the toe.

Hammertoe Diagnosis

Your doctor and the healthcare must be able to tell and easily detect if you have the condition of hammertoes by looking closely at your feet and by asking you about your actual live symptoms. If the healthcare wants to know more detailed information about your foot and the toe joints or the bones, you may also get an X-ray.

Prevention of Hammertoes

Generally, you can also avoid many feet, heel and ankle related problems with the shoes that get in fit much properly. Here's the condition where what to look for when buying shoes:

  • Adequate toe room. Avoid shoes with the pointed toes.
  • Low heels. Avoiding high heels will help also support you to avoid back those kinds of problems.
  • Adjustability. Laced or strapped shoes are roomier and adjustable.>


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