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There is no secret that the pressures of modern life cause stress and as stress levels continue to rise beyond levels, the medical profession tries to reduce it by prescribing sleeping pillos and other grugs aimed at relaxing the mind.

In This excerise section we have devided excerises in two sections first is Health wise excerise and second is maintain your physique. Health wise section has four sub sections Body metabolism, Health & Fitness, Body Building, Weight Lifting etc. In Maintain You Physique section we have Aerobics, Fat fighting Tips, Slim & Trim Sections.

Health WiseBody MetabolismMetabolism is the amount of energy your body burns to maintain itself. Whether you are eating, Drinking, Sleeping, Cleaning Etc. you body is constantly burning calories to keep you going. Metabolism is affected by your body composition. Body composition means the amount of muscle you have versus the amount of fat.
 Health & FitnessIn This section we have included the Cardiovascolar Training, Strength Training, Flexibility Training etc. Each training area and lists a suggested number of times per week / activity duration based upon your current level of fitness.
 Body BuilidingPeople Who want to build muscle, We have included three fitness levels Fitness Level 1, Fitness Level 2, Fitness Level 3.
Fitness Level 1 - consult your physician to start excerise program
Fitness Level 2 - use enough resitance to fatigue your muscles when you have completed the appropriate number of repetitions with in a set.
Ftness Level 3 - reshaping your body - Increasing your Metaboilsm- Strenthening your bones- Improving posture.
 Weight LiftingGuys who have been working out for a few years love the minutiae of their pursuit : the array of exercises they use, the configurations they use them in, the frequency with which they use them. But at the heart of a successful strength-training regimen are these 10-basic principles.
Maintain PhsiqueAerobicsAerobic means with air or oxygen. You should be able to carry on a short conversation while doing aerobic exercise. If you are gasping for air while talking, you are probably working anaerobically. When you work anaerobically, you will tire faster and are more likely to experience sore muscles after exercise is over.
 Fat Fighting TipsDid you know that a muscular person burns more body fat than a regular guy in the street. Why? Because muscles need more energy and become more efficient at burning fuel for that purpose. The more lean muscle that you have the easier it is to burn fat and stay lean. Putting 4 or 5 pounds of solid muscle will do wonders for speeding up your metabolic rate. For the record, a pound of fat is also more bulky than a pound of muscle. So you can stay the same weight but look less bulkier, because you have substituted 5 pounds of fat for 5 pounds of muscle. By working out with weights you’ll help keep that mean and lean machine look definitely.
 Slim & TrimNever buy anything too tight-forget about slimming into a skirt or dress you fall in love with in the shop. Tight clothes show off the kilos mercilessly, while loose fitting but narrow clothes flatter your figure. Every kind of sport stimulates the metabolism. Make sure you choose a form of exercise that really suits you-alone or with friends, indoors or out-only then will you stick with it.


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