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Heavy use of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and smoking

Heavy use of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and smoking

When the individual uses heavy marijuana and cocaine, the condition of the person may go severe with loss of control on its body, with lower in the functioning of the brain, due to inactive of the cells which loses its level much damage with the substance. The regular using people may experience most of the health-related problems in major due to the reason of using these types of harmful things in the regular life. These substances are which the people use are often like a sprinkle powdered type of cocaine or the crack into a joint or it may cigar which filled with the cannabis. In some cases, the person also may add some of the cocaine or crack to pipes, which is filled with cannabis.

Cocaine, alcohol, and smoking are the major bad habits, if you are on the wrong path you must try to quite from this all substance to at least receive good health, your family may be most affected with the situation of than you, if possible, you must try the procedure to step out from these dirty stuff from the life permeant, this is also an illicit stimulant. The drugs which make the people get in addicted with it to make them spoil, to the fact but it's all on our hand to understand the real the fact of our life. These all types of drugs cause people to experience an intense rush of euphoria, energy, and also confidence.

However, the usage of this cocaine and this alcohol in heavy can also intensely raise your heart rate, and also raise your blood pressure and which results to cause paranoia.

Dangers of using Cocaine, Alcohol and Marijuana

While the person who uses this substance regularly may face severe problems, which the effects of cannabis may tend to produce a lesson to those of cocaine and other usages of drugs, continued use of the substances can increase a person’s tolerance to the drugs. An individual who undergoing all these drugs may have severe other problems from the liver to the heart in major. If the person may start craving more amount of cocaine or marijuana, or other drugs in which it could result in the dependence of the other or a substance use disorder.


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