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HIIT actually means High-intensity interval training which is generally a form of physical interval training, which process with leads to various fundamental benefits to the good health of the body physically. It also improves the practice to have a good cardiac health rate. This is also a cardiovascular exercise strategy, in-process a concept of alternating a short session of practice towards the one concept which in intense of the anaerobic practice of exercise with fewer in intense t the period of recovery, whereas in the days which was exhausted to continue ahead with the concept.

The actual practice of the session with some of the individual methods is not just only restricted for the cardio and in-process where it added up some of the weights for the fewer periods of time as well.

Practicing this can lead you to improve various fractions on the body, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) while going through the following session must be difficult or challenging in the meanwhile. It proves the good heart rate where it takes your cardio workout to another stage, as you can push your actual pace of work out of your comfort zone.

Where you can use this training of HIIT with the practice of any type of cardio workout included, whether it can be running, or by using a stair-climbing machine, the rowing state, or by the jumping rope.

While during the session of work up you might release the sweat fast, on working at a very constant fraction of intense strategy whereby backing off for a very low recovery period accordingly, which must be followed by the way on another level which is round of high intensity.

Intensity Level: Higher level

Meanwhile when you try the session of work harder than you do normally when you do a general cardio workout. But in practice, you’ll do it in spurts of the actual duration of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Then in the process

you’ll have a chance to recover for about the same amount of time or longer.

Areas It Targets

Core: No. This workout doesn’t target your core.

Arms: No. This workout doesn't target your arms.

Legs: No. This workout doesn’t target your legs. But cardio exercises like running and biking can strengthen your legs.

Glutes: No. This workout doesn't target your glutes. But if you do cardio exercises that work your glutes, like stair-climbing, your glutes will get a workout.

Back: No. This workout doesn't target your back.


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