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How air pollution effects health

How air pollution effects health

Air pollution is the main concept while as we all are breathing a polluted air anyway while this poses a significant risk to have a major problem to our health which it effects of from our respiratory tract to the lung which gets infected at major with this pollution. While if exposure to direct contact with polluted air is connected to have numerous health effects as its damages our body functioning system normally. While some of these condition goes worse by having: severe damage of lung of having asthma, hospitalizations, and even premature death based on cardiac health and lung-related disease. These harmful toxic air pollutants are emitted by trucks, cars, and major industries which lead to cause cancer and many related problems to humans.

Air pollution was somehow closely linked with the change of climate as well, while the main driver of climatic change is the combustion of fossil fuels which is harmful and was known to be a major contributor to have maximum air pollution, one must understand the effect with takes place with the fuel combustion before and take an effort to mitigate to improve the other. The most dangerous one is the air pollution which is smoky and can’t be seen over a distance then is dangerous and unhealthy, while lacking visible smog then no indication that the air is considered to be healthy. However, around the world, both in the cities and villages are having now toxic pollutants which can be seen in the air exceed.

There are basically the two main types of air pollution -

  • Ambient air pollution (outdoor pollution)
  • Household (or indoor)

Air pollution refers to the pollution which was caused by the household activity of combustion of fuels which is caused by the burning of fuel like wood, coal, or kerosene. While by using open-source fires or basic stoves in the place which is ventilated poorly spaces. While in both the indoor and outdoor air pollution which has contributed to each other, as air moves from inside and outsides of the buildings, and then vice versa.

Household air pollution majorly kills 4 million people in a year and tends to affect mostly in the countries like Africa and Asia, wherein major these countries are highly polluted and the developing countries are facing so many troubles in major in which are of polluting fuels and technologies are used every day particularly at home for cooking, heating, and lighting. Women and children, who basically spend more time indoors, are get affected by the disease at the most.

The main air pollutants are:

  • Particulate substance, a mixture of solid and liquid droplets which raises mainly from the combustion of fuel and road traffic.
  • Nitrogen dioxide which is harmful to health from road traffic or indoor gas cookers.
  • Sulfur dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels.


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