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How does Diabetes Hurt Your Tendons

How does Diabetes Hurt Your Tendons

If you are already affected with the condition of diabetes and hurt when you move, the hurts may be the reason due to major problems with your tendons. The condition in which they are like cord bands is that connected with your muscles and the joints to your parts of bones. The levels of high blood sugar in a body that has also been along with the condition, where the case of your disease plays a major role in stirring up your situation of the tendon over harder and leads to trouble.

If you are already affected with the tendons or do you have tendons all over your body parts, which is by include in your arms, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles or feet.

How does diabetes hurt my tendons

Diabetes is much common where if you are already affected by the tendons then the condition leads the severe issues in the body. The tendon damages are of 2 types, whereas in type 1 and type 2 diabetes which is a condition that happens due to the substances which are called Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). Which in case they usually form when the substances like protein or fat mix with the sugar in your body’s bloodstream.

In condition, when your body generates or it makes AGEs at a slower or lower condition. But if you already affected with the condition of diabetes as earlier, then the extra sugar presence in your blood can rise to cranks up the speed ability, which in major it affects your tendons and also it worsens the situation much harder.

Tendons in a condition are made from a substance called protein which is collagen. AGEs have formed a connectivity of bonds within it that the situation can change into the tendon’s which is the structure of the compound and it affects how well they perform to work. In case, they might get thicker than normal and also it might not have the capacity to hold as much as weight normally it used to be. As a result, your situation might odds of getting to a situation of tear which is one of your tendons to go up.

How can tendon damage affect my diabetes?

Exercise and other simple walk are much important to maintain your health with the situation which can help to keep your diabetes under your control, but the situation you may result to find it harder over the process to work out a certain fraction when your tendons turn into much pain and stiffness over the critical condition.

The level of damage or the worsen to the Achilles a tendon in the backside part of the heel can put a cap on how much are you able to move your ankle from the side.


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