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How is male infertility diagnosed

How is male infertility diagnosed

The infertility condition is much common, the infertility issues in a Male are generally any health issue related to the reproductive system, this condition in a man makes the chances much lower for his female partner to get conceived or pregnant. The infertility condition is much rarely treated naturally with healthy diets, but it results much rarely. Advanced treatments are available to treat the condition to get in resolve with good results to the couples.

There are so many facing this condition of infertility across the world. It can affect both the male and the female reproductive system; its risk increase as the person gets aged or older up. There are too special diagnosed methods available for them too who’s age above 35. Your doctor will completely suggest your treatment accordingly as per your test as well too by your age it depends. For the couples are above 35 years old the doctors will give them more than 6 months of trying to go with unprotected sex, if not with a good result, then the further process is assigned to you as per your condition.

There are many causes and reasons for infertility in both men and women. In most infertility cases, the problem of major cause with affecting to get conceive is was with a man as compared to women. This condition is while most happening, the major reason with his sperm, where he has some problems overproduction or with the direct sperm delivery to the partner. However, this condition of infertility affected couples most of them have more than one actual cause of infertility problems, so people with this condition who tried for more than one year to get conceive with no results, just need to check to see a doctor, both the couples were tested in this case of infertility. Its tests may go with its maximum number to determine or predict your problems of infertile. In general, in some of the cases of this condition, their actual cause is never been identified as well, even after taking all the tests.

Diagnosing male infertility problems usually involves two methods:

General physical examination and complete result of medical history. This process involves tests on your genitals and some question round in which asking questions about any illnesses, injuries, chronic cardiac problems, inherited conditions, or the surgeries which taken place may affect your fertility. Your corresponding doctor will also you all possible questions, they will ask about your regular sexual habits and also about sexual development during the puberty state.

Semen analysis. Samples of semen can also be obtained in a couple is affected by infertility. You should submit your sample by masturbating and ejaculating into a special container provided at the doctor's office.


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