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How to calculate your BMI

How to calculate your BMI

The body mass index was much commonly known as by abbreviation BMI, which is the actual quantity derived of the individuals from a mathematical formula include, the general method which invented in the 19ᵉ century by Adolphe Quetelet who is a Belgian mathematician. In general, as this method of the indicator was most commonly used by dieticians-nutritionists and other health professionals basically perform much simple way, which allows defining the corpulence of an individual according to weight and height criteria.

As this procedure of mathematical calculation of BMI is much important to know, which by having a useful method for assessing and adjusting your weight accordingly as based on your fitness zone. It is not the most accurate measure of how much body fat you have, but it is the easiest and least expensive way to measure it.

What is the purpose of this calculation?

The BMI calculation is just a simpler process, which has several interests. In general, which will result to have and allow you to estimate the perfect balance between your weight and your height which is the first step.

A second step, which involves all the information previously mentioned will be decisive for the next step to undertake the improvements aimed at preventing the various risks of diseases related to gone weight loss.

The calculation method

This calculation is much simpler and effective as well, in which the index is calculated by multiplying the height and the weight squared and is therefore expressed in kg/m². It is important to know your value of BMI if are under the age between 18 and 65.

For example, if you weigh 70 kg for 1.82 m, your BMI will be 21.13 kg/m². As there is a presence of so many BMI calculators which is a much simpler and easier calculation as this method can be followed by the general requirement of height and weight to calculate body mass index.

How often should I calculate my BMI?

This process is not required to be carried out regularly for calculating your BMI every day or every week as once your weight is stable, but as you can try to check your BMI once a year as a guide. In general, some people will experience some significant weight loss or gain in a short period of time which will not depend. The BMI is an effective indicator as it perfectly fits for the one who needs more concern about their fitness and body shape.

What is the ideal BMI for women and men?

There has no ideal BMI or weight for either men or women. In general, it is recommended for a woman to have a BMI valve between 19 and 24 and a BMI between 20 and 25 for a man. Therefore, it's important to check whether that a person with a body mass index above or below the normal weight can be in good health and not required to change their regular habits and remain balanced perfectly.


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