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How to increase your oxygen level

How to increase your oxygen level

As we know that oxygen is the main core on which human life is situated. From taking our first breath to the last it is all because of the oxygen that we inhale through the air.

We take up at least 350 liters of oxygen every single day. If we are not provided oxygen for even three minutes it can cause sudden death.

In the second wave of corona the maximum amount of difficulty that is seen in the patients is related to their oxygen level.

In acute case of corona a person suffers from pneumonia as well as Acute respiratory distress syndrome. In both these States the level of oxygen drops very low in the patients and they are unable to breathe properly.

  • To make sure you have optimum amount of oxygen level PULSE OXIMETER is extremely important. you can get to know your oxygen Saturation level in your body by applying the oximeter on the finger.
  • Inhaling through stomach - In a normal human being there is almost 95 % to 100% oxygen present. If the oxygen level falls below 95% a person needs to be concerned. In this state if we lay down on stomach and take slow but deep breathes then there is an increase in oxygen level at least 10-25%. This method works like a first aid in the crisis of reduced oxygen level.
  • When to contact the hospital - To optimise the requirement of oxygen for a person with low oxygen level, they can be provided oxygen at home via oxygen cylinder as well. For severe cases if a person is provided oxygen in the Starting they can avoid going to the hospital. Acc to the doctors dexamethasone as well as other steroids are also used for the treatment. These also Contribute in the increment of oxygen level in the body. But if the oxygen level drops down below 90% the patient needs to be admitted in the hospital.
  • Regular intake of steam - To protect ourselves from Corona it is very important to take care of the lungs. If you take regular Steam & exercise regularly then there is increased flow of oxygen in your lungs. So it is extremely important to take steam & do regular workout or yoga to protect your lungs.
  • Walking for 6 mins - If there is someone who does not have pulse oximeter then they can walk for 6mins and see if they have optimum amount of oxygen level or not. If you have difficulty in breathing while walking that means your oxygen level is low.


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