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How your positive attitude can change your health

How your positive attitude can change your health

How your Positive attitude can negative the affects of Corona

Instead of getting scared from this virus ,dealing with it with a positive and calm attitude is very important. According to the Dean of AIMS Dr. Umesh Bhadani it is easier to deal with the virus using your positive attitude.

This time their are very less people experiencing Cough Symptoms and instead symptoms like Stomach pain, headache and stiffness in the body are more commonly visible in corona patients.

Only 2% of affected people are needing to be admitted in the hospital and Isolation centre. Only due to the rumors and media people are getting scared and negative when it is not needed.

There are a lot of people who Are not experiencing any symptom of corona hence getting yourself tested even when you have minor symptoms is a necessity.

Breaking the chain is the only way we can deal with this pandemic.And fhe only way to break the chain is by quarantining yourself and staying safe at home unless it is needed to go out.

Basic things like Only going out when there is a necessity and taking bath just after Coming home can help you easily deal with the Virus.
Also ,wearing a mask and taking steam is very important.

If there are 2 people residing in one household. Going out turn by turn Can lowers the risk of a person getting affected by half.

let's just take care of ourselves and follow the basic procedures required to keep ourselves safe and not get negatively affected by rumors or media. And let's keep a positive attitude as what you think is what you attract.


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