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Mere possession of sexual drive is no passport to bliss. One requires the right skills and the proper knowledge of the risks that today’s lifestyle patterns can introduce. Sex is man’s second strongest instinct, after that of survival.

The powerful sex drive comes from a potent body hormone called testosterone. It is a fluid of sexual drive. However mere possession of drive is no passport to sexual bliss. Such an all- powerful drive requires the right skills and right avenues for proper channelisation.

In recent years, lifestyles, cultural and moral codes, sexual mores, literary and economic levels have changed dramaticcaly all over the world and especially in India. All these have led to drastic alteration in human behaviour. Indeed, it may be said that in many ways, a sexual revolution of all sorts is sweeping the country- a revolution that seems to have spared no age or gender. All this puts tremendous pressure on space age male especially a successful one. Successful men want to be successful in the bedroom as they are in boardroom.

But poor male, you are losing your sexual capacity due to present lifestyle. Research reveales that men sometimes in their life, men suffer from minor to mild Impotency. And ther are major defaults also. Impotency is caused by Improper blood circulation or it could by merely psycological problem. There are variety of lifestyle factors that contribute to this condition. Here is chart showing the factors and common causes.

  1. Chronic Smoking
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Family History of diabetes or high blood pressure.
  4. Medication for High Blood Pressure
  5. Diabetes mellitus
  6. Sedentary life and lack of exercise.
  7. Obesity
  8. Other medication ( see chart)
  9. Excessive alcohol intake.
  10. Any other condition.

Drugs Causing Impotence

  1. Legal - tobacco, alcohol
  2. Illegal - LSD, latrogenic, cocaine
  3. Anti- Hypertensives - diuritics, methyldopa, Beta blockers, Ca antagonist
  4. Endocrine - anti- androgens, estrogens, LHRH analogues
  5. Psychotropics - major tranquillisers, MAO inhibitors, tricyclic anti depressants.
  6. others - (anti- hyperlipidemic.)

Common Causes

  1. Diabetes - 33%
  2. Vascular Disease - 25%
  3. Pelvic Surgery - 10%
  4. Trauma - 08%
  5. Endocrine Disease - 06%
  6. Prescription Drugs - 08%
  7. Substance Abuse - 07%
  8. Multiple Scleros is - 03%


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