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Interval Training

Interval Training

Interval training is normally treated or used with the more traditional way like normal cardiovascular exercises, which include running, rowing, cycling, and swimming, as a way to work harder and smarter than you could do to yourself during a continuous effort.

It consists of several series of repeated bouts of exercise (work external or work internally), ranging from some minutes to just a second. During each period of the interval, you actually work at a certain intensity for a set duration period of time or some distance and follow this with a low-intensity recovery period. The accuracy, actual duration, and resting period can all be prescribed in certain order to achieve differing goals from your training session.

What is interval training good for?

Interval training is the best practice that one can go through for improving their both anaerobic (working without oxygen) and aerobic (working with oxygen) with the energy systems and is very effective in a role at improving their VO2 Max and anaerobic threshold. What actually it means in the real-world is that you will be able to work harder (run faster) even and then maintain this intensity for longer.

It totally depends on your goal interval training can be used to improve their practices in like endurance sports or to improve their recovery rate for team or group of sports such as football, cricket or rugby which require repeated bursts of high-intensity exercise and hard work.

When to practice interval training?

Interval training is best practice, once you have established it very well with a good baseline level of cardiovascular fitness through its easy way to moderate-intensity exercise.

If you are practicing or training for an event like endurance such as a 15k race then interval training would result in yo good practices in a beneficial way. There are very certain recommendations explained for how long and at what intensity you should work or practices you exercise depending on what you want to achieve. A member of the gym team or Personal Trainer of this will be able to set you up with the right way for practicing interval training schedule or index that is individually tailored for you to suit all your needs.


Those who detect some continuous cardiovascular exercise might feel boring or tedious might benefit from interval training as they have a shorter but have much more intense period of work and can use each separate an interval as a mini goal within their training period can be practiced.


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