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IVF at Young Age may Raise Breast Cancer Risk

IVF at Young Age may Raise Breast Cancer Risk

The condition in which the women who undergo the problem in vitro fertilization at a much relatively younger age at the period who have a higher risk of getting in to cause breast cancer.

The specialist and researchers are also found that women who underwent with the condition of IVF at age of 22 to 24 were most it ranges from 1.6 times as likely to develop or to have breast cancer as a woman of the same group of age who underwent the situation of infertility and its treatments but not with the IVF condition, the study has proofed. The condition where the study says which is after the researchers who took the action into the several accounts which are with other factors are also much known to affect the breast and also, it leads to the risk of cancer, which means being older than the first birth of the child, and if having twins or other multiple children.

The research was said when all the women, who were in between the age group from 20 and 44 at the study's it first starts to considered, where the condition, there was no overall link of connection between the disease which undergoes IVF and breast cancer as well.

In a vitro fertilization, or a condition of IVF, is a function of disorder where the woman's egg gets in processed of fertilization in accounts with the sperm, but from outside of the body. The condition that if you might have heard that term test-tube baby which is associated with the condition of IVF in the past years. To help in the case with the pregnancy the situation can also succeed in the place when the process of fertilized egg which is implanted in the woman, in a case where the additional estrogen hormone was given, in which the condition it may cause a temporary problem but it also raises its level up in the hormone of women in the body which is peaked up at more than 10 times a regular period of time, while the level in a normal menstrual cycle.

IVF and cancer risk

The female hormone is estrogen which has no longer been a period of addition to known about to gear up the level with fuel in accounts of growth, in some kinds of breast cancer. The specific drugs which are used in a factor of vitro fertilization is much temporary in accounts to raise a level of a woman's estrogen. The levels which raise the factor during IVF condition are also can peak out at 4,000 picograms per millilitre of the blood, which is in a range much higher than the 300 pg./mL are notable in the view of its seen during a regular menstrual cycle, the study which proves.


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