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Kidney Cysts

Kidney Cysts

Kidney cysts are becoming the most common disorder nowadays, where it’s a kind of round pouches of fluid collection that form on or develop and form in the kidneys. Kidney cysts condition can also be associated with other critical disorders which may impair your functioning of the kidney. Most commonly, the condition of kidney cysts is also a type called simple kidney cysts or noncancerous cysts which in case rarely cause any risk over its complications.

Where It is not still found out the actual reason by the researchers and the doctors, what causes simple kidney cysts. While the reason, at the first it creates only one cyst which initially occurs on the surface of a kidney, but if the presence of multiple cysts can hardly affect one or both kidneys at the same time. Moreover, the normal or simple kidney cysts are not actually the same as the cysts that occurred generally with polycystic kidney disease.

While in the first case simple kidney cysts are much often can easily be detected by any type of related imaging test performed for another condition. The kidney cysts normally don't cause any types of signs or symptoms which in case don't require any kind of treatment.

Symptoms and the Signs

The kidney cysts normally don't cause any types of signs or symptoms. If a cell of these simple kidney cyst grows and develops large enough, the major symptoms which may include:

  • Dull pain in your back or side
  • Fever
  • Upper abdominal pain

Kidney Cyst Causes

Doctors and the researcher still do not totally understand the actual cause of simple kidney cysts, but they don’t appear to occur as inherited. This condition where the men are more likely to get these problems as more compared them than women. While almost more than half of all people who are aged above 50 or older than, can have one or more simple cysts forms in their kidneys. One theory where it also suggests that kidney cysts much develop when the surface layer of the kidney weakens and forms a pouch with the crystal collection. The pouch of these is then filled with the collection of fluid, these also detach and develops into a formation of a cyst. The actual size of these types of cysts may also raise or increase with more according to age and may also double its range over 10 years.


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