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Lung sanitization using steam

Lung sanitization using steam

Sanitise Your lungs using Steam for this Pandemic.

Scientists and doctors have been saying that this time Corona is directly affecting the lungs. Due to which even young people are requiring oxygen and ventilator support. In these times the search on "Thermal inactivation of source covid virus" is Coming out as a good hope. In this steam is said to have great benefits in the inactivation of the virus. This Study is present in " Journal of life Science" .

According to this study, experts of king Goerge Medical University and Sanjay Gandhi pOst Graduate Institute of Medical Science have stated that taking steam works as a Sanitisation process for lungs.
According to the experts, taking steam at least 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes can help in depletion of the virus.

Acc to the expert of Respiratory medicine in KGMU , before the virus used to Stay in the mouth,nose and throat for a long period of time before going into the lungs. Due to which even gargling and drinking warm water was beneficial. But now, it reaches directly to the lungs through Paranasal siNus present in has al cavity.
Taking steam can lesser the Chances of virus affecting as it can clear the paranasal sinus and lungs.

In a lot of research it is said that in 50°c of steam the virus gets paralysed and at 60°C it gets so weak that the inner immunity itself kills it.

It was seen in the study that not only now- covid patients but also covid positive patients had releif due to this method of steaming.
When the scientists provided steam for 5 mins to the affected patients it was noted that the intensity of virus went down. Also it was helpful in cough.
This is why steam is being said as a necessity for Respiratory hygiene. 


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