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Massaging Your Baby

Touch plays a key role in human bonding - whether it is between two friends, lovers, husband and wife or mother and child. it’s a way of communicating things. Infant massage is probably the most basic method of bonding parents with their children. Massaging your baby gives you a chance to get intimate with their body language. The way their body looks and feels, and familiarize parents with their baby’s response to stimuli.

A daily massage is a powerful tool. Besides, imparting a feeling of strength and confidence in your child and developing an affectionate bond between you two (you and your baby). it is very beneficial for your infant. Massage make the child more active and alert. Massaging Tecniques Massaging of legs. Massaging the stomach. Massaging the chest. Massaging baby’s arm & hands. Massaging the back. Massaging the face. Finally the head Massage. And some exercise for your little one. Kneading your little one...

Step 1

The first step to start with is Massaging the baby’s legs. Move both the hands together, gently on the leg, turning in the opposite direction and squeezing it slightly. Repeat the exercise for at least 5 to 6 times. Use your thumbs, one after another to push the bottom of the foot from Knee to toe.

Step 2

This involves massaging the baby’s stomach. Stroke the baby’s stomach, one hand following the other, as if you were scooping sand towards yourself. Repeat this exercise, grasping the baby’s legs by the ankle with your left hand and massaging the stomach with your right hand. Flatten your thumbs near the baby’s navel and push out to the sides. Walk your fingertips across the baby’s stomach from left to right.

Step 3

After stomach massage, the baby needs Chest massage. Place both your hands together in the middle of the chest and push out to the sides, following the ribcage. Without lifting the hands from the body, bring them in a heart shaped motion to the center again.

Step 4

This involves massaging of the baby’s arms & hands. To start with, divide the baby’s hand into three parts - shoulder, arm and wrist. Now, place your hand on the baby’s shoulders. Press them a little hard and start circulating or rubbing. Moving outwards towards the hands, squeeze and rub the baby’s arm in the up and down manner. Then massage the wrist by making small circles all around. Make sure that your hand movement remains the same throughout the massage of your infant. It should always be outwards (i.e. from in to out).

Step 5

Massaging the baby’s back - Place your baby on your lap or on the floor and turn her over on her tummy. Place both hands at the top of the back at right angles to the spine. Move your hands back and forth in opposite directions, moving up and down the back from the shoulders to the buttocks. Keep your right hand on the buttocks and stroke your left hand down to meet the right at the same place. Now hold the legs with your right hand and repeat the motion, sweeping your left hand down all the way down to the ankles. Make small circles on the back with your fingertips.

Step 6

Massaging the baby’s face is not an easy job. Baby’s are never uniform. Especially while massaging they make various movement. They may not let you place your hand on their face. But as leg massage or hand, stomach or chest massage is important, Face massage has it’s own significance. The Baby’s facial muscles become quite tense from sucking, teething and crying. Face massage helps in uplifting these dead tissues. Now lets see how to massage your child’s face. Place your fingers flat in the middle of her forehead and push out to the sides. Press lightly over the eyes with your thumbs. Push up on the bridge of the nose and then down across the cheeks with your thumbs. Make a smile on the upper and lower lips using your thumbs. Use your fingertips to make small circles around the jaw. Massage the ears, backs of the ears and the chin with your fingertips.

Step 7

Now before you end your task, take some oil in your hand & rub the Head gently. Massage is equally significant for the babies as it is for the elders. A person feels relaxed and is able to balance his mind. For a child in his or her infant age massage is great. It helps in making his bones healthy and strong. It reduces the constipation and helps in removing the dead tissues. Massage is done before you take your baby for the bath. Some exercise for your little one while massaging Hold the baby’s arms from the wrist, stretch them out to the sides, then cross them on her chest twice. Holding the legs at the ankles cross them at the stomach four times, then stretch them out straight. Push the knees together up into the tummy, and then stretch them out straight.



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