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Melatonin and its effects.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by a pine shaped gland located in central part of brain that is ,pineal gland.

It is released in low levels in the daytime and increases at the night.

There is a huge physiological role of melatonin.

For sleep
This hormones naturally helps with the regulation of circadian rhythm which are physical , mental and behavioral changes which occurs throughout the 24hr span .
Sleep wake cycle comes under this rhythm .
During the day light exposure , the brain receives the signal that generates  alertness and awaken the body .
Same goes for the night time.

For immune system
Some melatonin is produced in our gut,  which is clearly linked to our immune system .

Melatonin produced in the gut is also associated with the brain which in turns regulate emotional behavior  .

It is also important for regulating the hormone that supports weight reduction and appetite .

Melatonin helps with the inflammatory process associated with our environment .

It may affect the reproductive cycle where it interacts with other factors like stress. 


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