Monthly Cycle

First Step

  • Learning about days u are more fertile
  • Most women have 28 days monthly cycle which provides a window of 6 days in which

One day is ovulation day that is when the ovaries release the egg.

  • To figure this out you will need to chart your menstrual cycle
  • Its best to track for few months as it can vary month to month

How to know about your window

  • Once you chart your menstrual cycle for some months
  • Subtract 18 days from the length of your shortest cycle - first day of the window opening
  • Subtract 11 days from the length of your longest cycle - last day

Basal body temp

  • Your temperature slightly rises by 1 degree just after you start ovulating and stays the same till
  • You get your period
  • Keep a track of your rise in temp by checking it first thing in the morning on same time
  • The results can get altered by alcohol and smoking and even walking from bed to anywhere so try
  • Checking the temp first thing in the morning
  • In some months you can see a pattern which can help you guide

Cervical Mucus

  • Your cervix release more mucus when u are ovulating and about to start


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