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n-Hexane is a chemical that is get made from crude oil. Pure n-hexane is very clear and its colourless liquid with a slight odour of disagreeable. Its ability where it evaporates in air moisture very easily and it only dissolves slightly in water. The chemical n-Hexane is highly flammable, and its vapours may be explosive as well.

The pure chemical of n-hexane is majorly used in most laboratories works. While most of the n-hexane available or used in industry is not pure, while it was a mixture of similar other chemicals in products usually called solvents.  The most usage of this kind of chemical for solvents containing n-hexane is to extract vegetable oils from crops like soybeans. While sometimes, they are in some cases used as cleaning agents in the printing, textile, furniture, and shoemaking industries. Specific types of special kinds of glues are most probably used in the roofing and the shoe and leather industries also contain n-hexane. 

What happens to n-hexane when it enters the environment?

n-Hexane, chemical if it enters the air, water, or soil during its process while manufacturing and usage. Sometimes wastes that contain n-hexane are sometimes disposed of in landfills. n-Hexane can easily possible enter the environment from these landfills. n-Hexane also enters and mixed with the environment in major accidental spills, while during the transportation and leakage from some storage containers.

n-Hexane has the capacity to easily mixed with air. Once if the substance of n-hexane is mixed with air, we can react with oxygen and be broken down easily. While the chemical n-Hexane is sometimes released into the air is broken down in a few days.

How can n-hexane enter and leave my body?

n-Hexane can possibly enter the person body through our lungs if it is present in the air which they breathe. In some case, it can also enter the person body through the stomach and intestines if it is in your drinking water or food, or through your skin, if you come into contact with it. While once you inhale the chemical n-hexane, it drives into the actual bloodstream and is carried to all the organs in your body. Enzymes present in your liver can break down n-hexane.

How can n-hexane affect my health?

Almost all the research said that most all people known or get aware of to have had their health affected by exposure to n-hexane used it at work. In the 1960s and early 1970s, several outbreaks of nerve disorders occurred among shoe workers in Japan and Italy. Doctors determined the disease was caused by the workers breathing air containing high concentrations of n-hexane. 


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