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Nasal Discharge

Nasal Discharge

Some kind of mucus coming from nose is known as nasal discharge. It can be of different types pointing towards different kind of problems

Types of nasal discharge

Clear – if the mucus is clear in color it is considered normal or healthy. But if you are experiencing large amount then there might be due to allergies . it is known as rhinitis allergy and can be triggered by pollens , dust and other irritants .

White – it looks cloudy and is different from clear mucus. It usually happen due to common cold . you might have sore throat , cold and fever as well .

Yellow/ green – yellow color is indication of cluster of white blood cells that happens when the immune system is fighting back to any illness. Other than this it can be sign of sinus infection or other bacterial infection.

Pink/Red – points at some sort of injury or nasal trauma. Mucus becomes red or pink because of blood. Happens if you hit the nose or excessive blowing leading to drying out .

Brown / Orange – can caused by old blood leaving the body and often follows pink or red mucus. Can also be due to inhalation of a substance which can discolor the mucus such as dirt.

Black – it is due to any sort of fungal infection. It is not common but should be considered serious. Can be due to people who snort drugs or does excessive smoking.


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