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Nutritious Diet

Nutritious Diet

Why is nutritious diet important for a baby?

  • To gain energy for daily activities
  • Maintain all body function
  • Vital growth and development

Breast Feeding

Best way to provide nutrients to a newborn in the most healthy way for growth and development

Complementary feeding

It is when the infant is given other foods and liquids along with breast milk when he passes the age of 6 months as after that only breast milk is enough to meet the requirements

How to know if the baby is ready for complementary feeding?

  • He is able to hold his head straight while sitting down
  • He opens his mouth when others eat
  • Is interested In food when others eat
  • Appears hungry even after receiving breast milk
  • Not gaining weight adequately


  • In carbs baby rice , oat cereals , sweet potatoes
  • In protein peas
  • In vit green beans , pumpkin
  • Fruits- avocadoes , apple , banana, pear , melon
  • Spices Butter
  • Other Yogurt


  • In carbs potatoes mashed , cooked banana
  • In proteins chicken , lentils , beans , fish
  • In vit carrots , beans , broccoli , cauliflower
  • In spices dhania , onion , garlic , ginger ,olive oil , coconut milk
  • In fruits mangoes , grapes cut in pieces ,orange
  • Others yogurt , cheese , drinking chocolate , bread

At 9-12 months

  • In carbs rice , potatoes
  • In protein- mince meat , boiled mashed eggs , lentils
  • In vit beetroot , celery , eggplant , cucumber, spinach
  • In fruits any kind of soft diced fruit
  • By this time infants are able to eat mostly normal food the whole family is consuming .


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